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It seems like I only update this when I have pictures to post. Sometimes (rarely) it's because something crazy awesome or not-so-good happened. Right now, it's all of the above. I have pictures from this past weekend. Even though nothing completely exciting happened other than the fact that we won both water polo games by a landslide, nothing extremely out there happened. Oh and Nate incorperated me into one of his infamous poems.

So, the minute our mechanic okays the cars, Jeff and I each have our own. But, now I have to learn stick. Anyone want to assist me? I got a '95 VW green soft top Cabrio convertible and Jeff got an '85 Porshe 944 red wide edition. It mine doesn't pass we have to share the Porshe.

And, gossip is bad. Don't do it. Even if you're joking. But,   


 will be the death of me.

Oh well. My life is excellent right now. I have this weekend to look forward to. :)

David says "Hi."

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