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phil is swell.

Been awhile since I've updated with recent pictures. I'm due:




massive amounts of photographs. be warned.


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you and me are the cutest kids on the block
and i love ya
how can you not?!

i love you!

yeah, what now. i can walk on water.
well i have Jesus scars. maybe we're destine to be saints?
heck yes
we neeeed to hang out sometime. whatcha doin this weekend missy? me you and your cousin,its a date???
ask her. i might b busy on saturday because of water polo maybe tomorrow. this all depends. call me 875-2738
No way, this is ian (freshman ian), from clark
add me!
omg. how did you find my lj.

crazy. ill see you at tomorrows games.
i totally forgot about when i broke the strap on that shirt

and i really like the 3rd picture

man, we're too cool
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! i love you.

oh and by the way...my brother's supposedly dating someone and everybody thinks you and jeff had a thing. i was like...no.

i had to laugh even though i'd approve. only because you're cute.
say whaaaaat?

and thank you, love